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HGS Brides: Maria H's Custom Wedding Dress Experience

"The whole creative process felt magical, I was very excited with each email from Hanna seeing what surprises she brought for me and how she was going to surprise me in each delivery." -Maria H., HGS Bride

Learn about the Virtual HGS Custom Experience that created bride Maria's dream wedding dress:

Meet With Hanna

The initial meeting, also called Vision One-on-One, is designed as a creative session to bring all dream details out. During this first video call, Maria and Hanna discussed silhouettes that would flatter her shape, materials she felt comfortable in, her personal style, her vision for herself on her wedding day, and more.

Maria knew she wanted a beautiful blend of different laces, tassels, trims, and ruffles. A design that felt both boho and free, while simultaneously romantic and timeless. A wedding dress that was perfect for her beachside wedding in Tulum, Mexico.

Maria in Tulum and Hanna in Miami, the first part of the custom process was entirely virtual.

Design Review

With all of the notes taken in the Vision-on-One, Hanna created the first round of custom sketches for Maria. They reviewed them together on a Design Review video call.

Design Reviews are where the fun begins. The placement of each lace and trim was thoughtfully defined to ensure the most flattering silhouette for her shape. She also knew she wanted a sweetheart neckline and an interesting, open back.

This is where Maria's vision transformed from an idea into a beautiful sketch designed just for her.

Fabric Selection

After reviewing the sketches with Hanna and making any final adjustments, it was time for Maria to choose from a selection of high-quality fabrics, curated just for her. On the Fabric Selection video call, Hanna presented a variety of laces and trims.

To achieve a boho-chic look, the off-the-shoulder gown was made up of different types of lace that complimented each other effortlessly. Maria stated that she dealt with "eternal indecision" when choosing fabrics, but Hanna guided her throughout the process and used her expertise to suggest certain fabrics to Maria.

The smaller leaf pattern was used on the structured bustier as well as the first two panels of the A-line skirt. This created an elongating effect and stylized her figure. The bold crochet-style lace was used to add weight and movement to the bottom of the skirt and to create dimension between the lines of fringe cotton trim and lace ruffles.

The Perfect Fit

The Custom Experience not only allows a bride to have a one-of-a-kind bridal wedding dress, but have it fit perfectly too.

Maria and Hanna had the virtual Measurements Meeting, where Hanna guided her through the key measurements needed for her final design. The next step, Hanna and a talented HGS seamstress began the construction process for Maria's custom bridal gown.

When the gown was ready, Maria flew to Miami for one week specifically for fittings. During this week, she had two fittings. One initial appointment to see what needed to be altered to fit her shape perfectly, and the last to celebrate and take her gown home with her.

It was a magical custom experience.

Maria's breathtaking Tulum Wedding:

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed learning about the HGS Custom Experience. For more content like this, follow Hanna Gotz Studio on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok.


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