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3 Non Traditional Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

With the holiday season approaching, this also means engagement season is upon us. With a heightened sense of merriment and an abundance of friends and family, rates of engagements increase greatly during this time of year. With that being said, there are so many options when searching for the perfect engagement ring. Here is a little bit of inspiration for non traditional engagement rings based on this year’s trends.


Chunky Settings

Nestling your gorgeous diamond into a chunky gold setting is a timeless way to showcase your sense of individuality within your engagement ring. Bold gold jewelry has been an emerging trend in recent years and this style is the perfect way to embody just that.



The bezel set engagement ring is a modern style that can be seen everywhere nowadays. This ring creates a sleek and clean look to hold your rock while maintaining an essence of understated elegance.

Marquise Cuts

For a more vintage or art deco feel, a marquise diamond cut is the way to go. This unique and slender shape adds a touch of classic minimalism for the bride searching for a chic yet contemporary aesthetic.

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