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Aisle Style: Make a Statement With These 5 Design Tips

Aiming for a ceremony aisle that is modern, elegant, and unexpected? Follow these tips to achieve your ultimate bridal aisle!

1. Choose a Mirrored Aisle

A crystal-clear mirrored path makes for the perfect wedding walkway. Bordered with floral arrangements and luxurious greenery, it can give the illusion that you are walking on water. Mirrors are also special because they have the power to make any space seem larger which is a great way to enhance your overall ceremony.

2. Create a Curved Aisle

The traditional straight aisle leading toward an altar is timeless, but do not be afraid to play with your layout and space. Winding paths may create a more natural vibe perfect for an outdoor wedding.

3. Take Advantage of Lighting

Twinkling bright lights bordering your aisle not only look beautiful, but they are a great option for a later-in-the-day or indoor wedding if you are missing out on any natural light. Get extra creative and hang lanterns and pendant lights on the ceiling over the aisle for an even more dramatic look.

4. Go For a Simple Setup

Let the beauty of your venue shine by opting for a minimalistic aisle. Line either side of your aisle with flower petals, smaller floral arrangements, or nothing at all to achieve the look. Having an outdoor wedding? Use the existing ground as your aisle for a natural look. A bonus to this style is that you can save money, while still looking effortless.

5. Use Color

Brighten up your ceremony with a vividly decorated aisle. Bundles of bright florals will make help your aisle pop when the background consists of earthy, neutral tones. Colored aisle runners are another way you can add some color contrast!

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