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Old Money Wedding Aesthetic

The trending “old money” aesthetic, also known as “quiet luxury”, embodies a classic and minimalist style often inspired by icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana. This aesthetic is a rising trend within the wedding industry, creating a timeless and elegant day. Here are just a few elements that you can include in your wedding to encapsulate this style.


Historic Venue

Venues are crucial in setting the scene for your big day. A historical venue provides not only breathtaking architecture for a backdrop but also a sense of old romance. Our HGS bride is seen here at the historical Villa Vizcaya estate located in Miami, FL.


Long Gloves

There is nothing quite like a long satin glove as an added wedding accessory. These pieces are a chic way to add an element of subtle class and there are so many ways to pick ones that showcase your individuality whether that be through a classic satin, a fingerless or a sheer glove.


Mini Dress

As we have seen these past few Bridal Fashion Weeks, short wedding dresses are all the rage. These pieces are a modern twist on a timeless style. Classic high necklines and simple silhouettes truly help encapsulate this “old money” feel.


Minimalist Color Scheme

The simplest way to ensure a chic “old money” wedding vibe is to maintain a minimal color scheme. Lots of white, soft lighting and pops of black and gold accents will ensure a sleek, luxurious and timeless wedding day.


Cathedral Veil

An essence of the “old money” aesthetic is romance. Cathedral wedding veils are the perfect accessory to embody this soft romantic feeling. The dramatic volume and length of The Angeles Veil exudes this sense of wealth.


Thank you so much for reading! See our Old Money Wedding Tik Tok for additional inspiration.

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