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Picking The Perfect Shoes For Your Wedding Day

Finding the balance between fashion and comfort when it comes to the bride's shoes can be difficult so proper research beforehand is crucial.

Stiletto Heel

A stiletto heel is very thin and long. They are often times quite high in height and can be uncomfortable to walk in for some but look absolutely stunning and slimming on. Make sure the terrain for your wedding does not involve grass or you risk the chance of sinking in. If this is your style, try the Jessica Rich, Fancy Stiletto Pump.

Platform Heel

Ideal for the bride looking to gain extra height without the painfulness of some heels. This type of heel has a thicker sole which provides more comfort and support to the foot. A great option to try is the Jimmy Choo Saracria 120 Embellished Satin Sandals.

Block Heel

A. block heel adds more dimension and thickness to the actual heel portion of the shoe. This type of heel is perfect for someone having an outdoor wedding or someone who loves to be on the dance floor. Try the Loeffler Randall Camellia Knot Mule with the ankle strap for this look!

Strappy Heel

A strappy heel is becoming much more trendy. It is a versatile shoe to wear for a tropical or warmer climate wedding but breaking these type of heels are very important before the wedding day. We recommend looking at the The Row, Bare leather sandals.

Pump Heel

A pump is a very generic term for heels but a basic pump is usually a minimalist vibe with an embellishment towards the front of the heel. Very classic and timeless look. A fun option to look into is Roger Vivier Flower Strass 100 Satin Pump.

Thank you so much for reading along, we hope this helped you! Follow us on Instagram for more bridal wear and wedding day inspiration posts.


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