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3 Things to Make Your Valentine's Engagement into a Perfect Wedding

The loveliest time of the year is upon us, with cute Valentine's day engagements having us all kicking our feet in excitement. Congratulations on this exciting milestone in your life! But, you, like all other brides-to-be, might be wondering what’s next on this journey of love.  

candlelit outdoor wedding venue

Valentine's Day presents the ideal opportunity to think about the elegant event of your dreams. But, we know planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so here are some of the biggest considerations to help you get started in your search for the flawless wedding aesthetic. 

In this blog:

I. Bridal Dresses and Accessories: Picking a look that fits you

II. Venues: Indoor vs. Outdoor: Miami and Southern Florida venues for various budgets

III. Themes and Decoration: Inspiration for adding flair to your big day

I. Bridal Dresses and Accessories

First things first: the bride. We have no doubt you’ll be the most stunning in the room, but we also understand how difficult it can be to nail down exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s our top three suggestions for elegant, flirty, and contemporary wedding dresses you’ll feel confident in and how to accessorize to personalize the look for you. 

Look 1: The Eliana Top and Isabel Skirt

lace high collar wedding top

The Eliana Top and Isabel Skirt from Hanna Gotz Studio Collection II blend seamlessly into the model wedding gown look with a rebellious twist.

This modernized lace top is adorned with beautifully embroidered leaves, florals, and vines with light-catching transparent sequins.

The high neck ruffle collar is complemented with a daring open back, creating an idealistic mix between traditional and contemporary bridal dress. 

Click Here to browse these pieces (and more) now.

Pair this eye-catching look with simplistic pearl teardrop dangles from Amélie George for a minimalistic vibe or click here for more bridal accessory inspiration.

Look 2: The Sherezade Gown with the Giselle Veil

The Sherezade Gown perfects the traditional bridal ball gown with a contemporary spin. With less volume but all the flattering shapewear, the cinched top and sweetheart neckline on this Hanna Gotz Studio Collection I gown accentuates any body type.

Made with a soft lace interwoven with tiny translucent and white beads, sequins and metallic threads in shapes of elegant flowers and leaves, this hand sewn garment is exemplary for a uniquely elegant look. 

Paired with the Giselle Veil, an effortlessly minimal off-white tulle accessory, the look speaks for itself in terms of sophisticated originality.

Adding a delicate, more traditional aspect to a bold bridal outfit gives any modern bride the opportunity to have the ultimate bridal moment on her wedding day.  

Click Here for the Sherezade Gown | Click Here for the Giselle Veil

Jonida Ripani dangle flower earrings

The strapless neckline leaves this look fully customizable for every bride’s individual aesthetic.

We suggest pairing this with flower statement earrings from Jonida Ripani to create a chic spring feel, but more minimalistic jewelry like simple hoops would also add a an exemplary amount of dazzle to this romantic look.

Click Here to find other accessories and looks that fit your vibe on our Pinterest page.

Look 3: The Nathalia Top Paired with the Idalise Skirt

Looking for a more fun and flirty look for your big day? The Nathalia Top is a gorgeous alternative to a typical wedding day look, with romantic draping softly along the bust and cinching around the waist to accentuate the figure delicately, while leaving enough flexibility to dance and move effortlessly. 

cinched ruffle wedding top

This top also allows for the option to interchange skirts, allowing you to adapt the look for any secondary events. 

Shop the Nathalia Top now and browse HGS bottoms here.

Paired with the Idalise Skirt from Hanna Gotz Studio Collection II, the chic contemporary wedding look is complete. This separate flares out to a voluminous hem, creating a cute but casual outfit ideal for any bold second look. 

Click Here to shop the Idalise Skirt.

All featured garments are custom made to fit by Hanna Gotz Studio in Miami. Interested? Book a consultation with Hanna now.

We're here to help you on your search for the best gown. Browse more looks from Hanna Gotz Studio now or find the beginnings of inspiration for your big day on our Pinterest page.

II. Venues: Indoor vs. Outdoor

Next: location. Each venue has its own benefits and drawbacks, and it can be difficult to find the best location with the perfect price. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a few options at varying price points for differing reception sizes in Miami and the Southern Florida area to assist you on your search.  

$ Outdoor: Pinecrest Gardens

11000 Red Road Pinecrest, Florida 33156 | (305)-669-6990 | | 

This lush outdoor garden offers 5 available venues made for an intimate wedding. With pricing ranging from $250-$3,500 and guest capacities between 10 and 500, Pinecrest Gardens' options are inclusive to various budgets and event sizes.

The areas specified in your rental agreement during the time of the event are exclusive, allowing for personalized decoration and setup. While catering is not included in available packages, this venue boasts a highly affordable price and vibrant foliage made for capturing timeless moments.

Additionally, the more intimate venues offered are idealistic for smaller events, including (but not limited to) bridal sessions, engagements, ceremonies, bridal showers, and elopement. Click here to browse the venue options now!

$$ Outdoor: Flamingo Gardens

3750 S. Flamingo Rd, Davie, FL 33330-1614 | (954)-473-2955 | | 

Photos from Flamingo Gardens Weddings Gallery

As one of the oldest botanical gardens in southern Florida and a Wildlife and Botanical Sanctuary, Flamingo is an exquisitely natural wedding location with an expansive history. Decorated with hundreds of native exotic trees and lush understory plantings, this location promises a tropical wedding feel. Venue rates start at $1,500 and go up to $7,000, accommodating a range of 20-180 guests.

With 60 acres of gardens creating the model landscape for your dream wedding, Flamingo offers four outdoor venues suitable for both ceremonies and reception. The area also provides potential post event recreation (if guests are interested) and is flawless for a smaller, more intimate day.

Their services include Professional Portrait Photography at additional costs and up to 100 chairs (free of charge) for outdoor weddings at any of their venue options. Find price details for all packages here and browse the different venues here.

$$$ Outdoor: Villa Toscana Miami

27550 SW 222 Ave, Miami, FL 33031 | (305)-908-8586 | |

This gorgeous secluded mansion will transport you and your guests to a world of glamour, offering a romantic and scenic setting for your big day. With pricing starting at $3,586 and going up to $49,000 with an average wedding cost of $27,000, Villa Toscana Miami is an elegant outdoor venue with a variety of all-inclusive packages.

Each package include exceptional catering staff and the guidance of a well-trained day-of event coordinator as well as a gorgeous ceremony area, cocktail space, reception spot, table set up, and bar service. The stunning location and committed staff promise you and your guests a truly magical and unique experience.

This venue is equipped to cater to various party sizes, with the option of a micro-wedding for a more affordable and intimate event. To learn more about pricing and packages, click here.

$ Indoor: Elks Venue

10301 SW 72nd St Miami, FL 33173 | (305)-270-8283 | 

Photos from @miamielks on instagram

This affordable venue offers both indoor and outdoor reception spots, with the outside decorated with greenery immaculate for photos and a staff dedicated to customizing the event for you. With the option of an outdoor patio, ballroom, or banquet suite, Elks Venue can accommodate various wedding styles.

Prices start at $500, $650, and $1,200 (depending on venue) and vary based on entertainment and catering services requested. Maximum guest limit stands at 300 attendees. To book a venue now, click here!

$$ Indoor: Coral Gables Country Club

405 Biltmore Way, Coral Gables, FL 33134 | (305)-722-8783 | | website

From high ceilings with genuine Austrian crystal chandeliers to wall-sized arching windows, Coral Gables Country Club skillfully captures the idea of elegant luxury in their five venue options.

With two satellite banquet rooms and magnificent 1500 sq ft grand ballroom, this venue accommodates between 100-1,000 guests, excellent for both intimate and extravagant gatherings.

Prices range from $1,500 to $14,000 depending on venue size and other services requested. Special services offered include highly-experienced staff coordinators, uniformed wait staff, private suites, artfully selected cuisine, and bar service/staffing. To see the full wedding package brochure (with prices) click here.

$$$ Indoor: The Venue Fort Lauderdale

2345 Wilton Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 | (954)-765-6968 | | website  

This expansive eight room events center is a paradisiacal for a sophisticated upscale wedding. Ranked in the top 5% of wedding venues, this spot has held the title of the highest rated Florida wedding venue for 7 years running. Their in-house catering, DJ and entertainment services, photographers, and coordinators are dedicated to making every couple feel like royalty on their big day.

With pricing starting at $127 per person and event rooms for up to 3,000 attendees, The Venue is unequaled for planning an extravagant celebration that'll undoubtedly be the party of a lifetime. Pricing also varies heavily depending on services requested and does not necessarily hinge on wedding size, ensuring you'll get exactly what you pay for. For more information about venues and pricing, click here. 

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III. Themes and Decoration

So now that we’ve nailed down the location, the most important part comes. How are we going to decorate the space to fit your dreams? Picking a theme that fits your aesthetic is key to memorializing one of the biggest days of your life. Here is a handpicked list of some of our favorite themes - and make sure to check out our Pinterest for more inspiration.

i. Tropical 

This theme is a Hanna Gotz Studio favorite, with the glamour of a luxurious wedding filled with lush greenery and natural decor acting as the blueprint for our brand. It's impossible not to fall in love with this remarkable aesthetic, we dare you to try!

Looking for the feel of a destination wedding without the associated costs and hassle? The tropical luxury theme is perfect for transporting you and your guests from the confines of a wedding venue to an exhilaratingly scenic vacation. Incorporating a splendid amount of greenery is key to creating a natural feel to your wedding - and don't forget lots of florals!

tropical outdoor wedding venue
  • Colors: Emerald green, eggshell, white, black, deep brown, matcha green, soft beige.

  • Decor: Palm leaves, overhang vines, potted plants, white roses and baby breaths, simple furnishings, off-white linens, natural centerpieces with a pop of color.

  • Venue: Outdoor, twinkle lights or candles for lighting, marble or wood flooring/walkways, rural.

Pictured on the left: Our HGS Bride Yari

Check out our HGS brides page or our Pinterest for more photos and inspiration for the tropical luxury theme!

ii. Vintage

With the resurgence of old-fashioned decor, this theme is on the rise for couples searching for a rich, antique vibe.

This theme is a change from a typical contemporary wedding, incorporating antique decor and a rustic style to exude a more familiar feel to the event. Taking inspiration from the early 1900s (or whichever century you choose) makes guests feel like they've stepped into a different time zone - one of old romance and historical love.

  • Colors: Forest green, gray-brown, olive, dull brown, black, eggshell, taupe, beige.

  • Decor: Dangling vines and greenery, antique wooden chairs with leather worn seats, candles, fancy china/table setting, lanterns, white florals.

  • Venue: Farmhouse or barn, secluded, countryside, dimmed lighting, brown wooden paneling.

Click here for more details and inspiration on a vintage wedding theme!

iii. Whimsical

Every bride dreams about the day they finally get their happy ever after, and this theme truly brings that dream to life. With the brightest and most eye-catching color scheme, you can truly embrace a fairy-tale style in decor and feel. This is an ethereal way to lean into an outdoor seasonal wedding, and it's just in time with spring around the corner.

This style is made for the floral loving bride, specifically one who's a fan of bright arrangements and vibrant decorations. By decorating from top to bottom with flowers, even the most boring venue can be transformed into a whimsical wonderland. The most idealistic execution fully immerses guests into the story of their dreams - and the story of your love.

  • Colors: soft pink, kelly green, coral, lavender, periwinkle, bright pink, baby blue, light apricot, terra cotta, white, soft brown.

  • Decor: tulips, carnations, poppies, water lilies, baby breaths, floral patterned dinnerware, candles, colorful bouquets and centerpieces, delicate china, white or beige furniture.

  • Venue: outdoor, garden or flower field, natural lighting, grassy, flower arches. 

Didn't find a theme that speaks to you? No worries! Check out our blog The Bride Guide for more wedding decor inspiration and theme ideas.

Hopefully this list can help you narrow down what you’re looking for in terms of how you see your perfect day, and remember that we're wishing you luck in your wedding planning process. Visit the Bride Guide for more inspiration and informational blogs, and check out Hanna Gotz Studio dresses for the customizable wedding gowns featured on this page and more contemporary bridal options!


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