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Luxury Wedding Day Heels to Last the Full Event

Updated: Jun 4

Every fashion-forward woman knows the importance of a quality shoe in tying together any outfit, especially when picking heels to match a formal outfit. Choosing shoes that perfectly align the aesthetic of your wedding day dress, jewelry, and other accessories can be a difficult undertaking, particularly since it is the event of a lifetime.

Classic white bridal pumps

Whether to opt for classic white pumps or stray from traditional footwear is a decision that many brides might not come to lightly, especially those who have a fondness for luxury heels. To help you in your decision, we've handpicked a few luxury heel options in various styles and at different price points to give you a better sense of what you see yourself walking down the aisle with.

1. Jimmy Choo Saeda Sandal

From the leading global luxury brand, these glamorous sandals from the Jimmy Choo bridal shoe collection promises any bride an empowered sense of sophistication and a playfully daring spirit. Crafted from a soft satin, the delicate crystal chain and bedazzled heel decorate the foot with a strikingly feminine design, putting a slight spin on standard white sandals.

 Jimmy Choo Saeda Sandal

Priced at $1,125.00, this luxury piece is an undeniable investment, ensuring a memorable shoe for a memorable day. The 3.9 inch heel is manageable for a day of walking and celebration, with the option for a thicker heel in the same style for more stability during the event.

Click here for the sandals pictured, or here if you're looking for the thicker heel design. Explore more Jimmy Choo bridal shoe options here.

2. Valentino Garavani Tan-Go Patent Leather Pump 100mm

This designer brand seeks to inspire individuality through all of its pieces, redefining the values of mastery and emotional beauty. Valentino intertwines traditional aspects of design, as inspired by old Roman architecture, with contemporary trends and styles.

These classic tan pumps are perfect for accentuating the wedding day look with a slight color pop, without straying too far from the white palette of a standard bridal look.

Valentino Garavani Tan-Go Patent Leather Pump 100mm

Retailing for $1,050.00, these heels are a sleeker alternative to the classic satin shoe design offered by the Saeda Sandal. While these might not be the staple bridal shoe design, their versatility means this accessory can continue to be worn in both formal and professional future events.

With a golden buckle, these pumps are more minimal in jeweled decor, suiting a bride hoping to wear gold jewelry with their bridal outfits. These 4 inch shoes might be a little less stable with their thin heels, but radiate a delicate femininity that is unmatched by chunkier heels or boots.

Click here to shop these pumps or here to browse more Valentino Garavani pumps.

3. Manolo Blahnik Camparinew Bridal

Priding itself on simple perfectionism, this brand is known for its original, creative flair and timelessly classic styles that are worn by loyal customers worldwide. Its higher-end products reflect a slightly more traditional aesthetic, offering a less bold footwear option for the more conservative bride.

Synthesized from a blend of natural silk and satin, these eggshell Mary Jane pumps sell for $825.00 and are part of the Manolo Blahnik bridal pump collection. The cream button closure and front strap ensure a secure fit for all foot sizes and shapes, allowing you to move freely without worry. With a slightly flared heel and tan grosgrain edging, this design offers a slightly unique twist on the classic Mary Jane style while remaining loyal to the traditional aesthetic.

Click here to shop these pumps or here to browse the Manolo Blahnik bridal shoe collection.

4. Stuart Weitzman Royale Pearl Pump

Valuing confidence, boldness, and individuality, this brand seeks to empower strong women in owning their look and aesthetic unequivocally. Their passion for precision and fashion-forward attitude promises styles that are both unique and flawless, crafted for versatility and movement.

This satin heel is no exception to their strife for perfection, infusing modern glamour into a timeless pointed-toe pump. Every pair features nearly 2,000 crystal and pearl embellishments, each hand-placed and carefully inspected. With this style retailing at $650.00, options for a flat, sandal, or slide with a similarly bedazzled design are also available at slightly lower price points as well for a more comfortable reception shoe.

Click here to browse the Royale Pearl heel style options, or here to browse other high-end bridal footwear for the big day.

5. Sophia Webster Vanessa Sandal

Distinctly recognizable by their feminine ornaments and unique decorations, this high-end brand is known for unconventionally beautiful footwear. With creativity at the heart of each design, this luxury designer creates a delicate art piece with each accessory. This sandal is no exception, with leather butterfly accents coloring an otherwise classic heel style.

Sophia Webster Vanessa Sandal

This showstopper shoe, priced at $890.00, is designed specifically for brides, with ivory and pearl to perfectly match any wedding day looks. Created from fresh white leather, the fine foot and ankle straps entwine the wearer in a fairy tale image, completed with high-gloss leather butterflies.

Available in a variety of colors, Sophia Webster's heels each have a distinctly special touch that allows them to tie together any outfit, with flat and lower heel options for an elegant second look or reception shoe.

To check out these sandals and their color options, click here. To browse the bridal shoe collection, click here.

6. Gianvito Rossi Gianvito 105

A brand focused on the enhancement of women, giving each wearer confidence and a sense of individuality, naturally produces quality products in a range of styles suitable for bridal wear. Fouded as a pursuit of creative vision, heels designed and produced by Gianvito Rossi can only be described as sophisticated, refined, and of impeccable quality.

Gianvito Rossi Gianvito 105

For our final shoe selection, these classic leather white Gianvito Rossi pumps are perfect as a representation of the staple bridal shoe design. Retailing for $795.00, these heels are one of many in the brand's wide selection of bridal wear. This signature style is defined by a sleek 105mm stiletto heel and statement pointy toe, homemade with 100% satin for a soft and comfortable experience.

To shop this classic, click here. For more bridal heels, wedding party shoes, or even grooms formal footwear, click here to explore their extensive wedding accessory line.

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