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Bridal Hairstyles our HGS Brides Have Loved

Updated: 15 hours ago

Every bride, designer, and stylist knows that the dress isn't the determiner of a good wedding day outfit. Hair, makeup, and accessories are equally important when ensuring confidence and elegance on the big day, and considering these options early on will help you create a more cohesive aesthetic with your appearance.

To help you decide on how you would like to style your hair, we've compiled a list of HGS bride approved hairstyles - as well as a few other popular ones for inspiration.

Sleek Knot Bun

Exuding elegance and sophistication, this style is ideal for creating a very formal and put together look. By slicking back any free flying hairs and gathering them at the base of the head, a cleaner look is achieved. Using gel or hairspray ties together this effortless choice, with the tight bun also being ideal for other hair accessories like veils, clips, barrettes, and more.

Free Flowing Curls

Meant for the timeless and carefree bride, this style is one of the most commonly chosen among the many bridal hair options. Creating either tightly wound curls or simple waves allows for a more simplistic look, while adding a little bit of volume and elegance to the typical hair day. Although it may be a bit more difficult to secure a veil to this hairstyle, it is still very doable and a popular choice.

Loose Twist Bun

Adding more dynamic to the classic low bun is this twist bun hairstyle, with pieces of free-flowing hair to frame the face and create more of a relaxed and fun-loving appearance. This look can be achieved by either creating multiple twists that tie together at the back of the head or with intertwined braids, both which provide a little more decadence to the classic low bun choice.

Twisted Low Ponytail

This hairstyle artfully combines the previously mentioned elements of classic sophistication with a modern flair, creating a look that effortlessly complements any gown. The twist detail adds a subtle dimension and visual interest, elevating the style from traditional to effortlessly chic. Leaving some free-flowing hair allows for embodiment of the festive and fun loving bride, while also sweeping back into an elegant look that lasts through reception.

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Still haven't found a style that suites you or your aesthetic? Here are a few trendy bridal looks that also incorporate other hair accessories like flowers, clips, and ornaments.

Half Up Half Down

A staple hairstyle for elegance with endless possibilities, the half-up half-down style is a cross between sweeping stray hairs out of your face and leaving them flowing. Popular trends include braiding the hairs that are pulled back, including a twist knot, or creating a high ponytail at the back of the head. Any of these options also create the perfect spot to stick in little flowers or hair decorations, and can act as.a base for a veil or hair bow.

Cascading Braid

Reminiscent of a princess or fairytale look, this style is ideal for the timelessly young and playful bride. While not as popular as previous options, this idea is unique and fun, allowing you to weave in a bit more personality into your hair for the big day. Whether a loose braid with little twists or a tight, pulled back braid, this style is ideal to bring a little bit of childhood into your look. Its interwoven strands also allow brides to securely decorate their hair with different ornaments or flowers.

Looking for more bridal beauty inspiration? Check out our bridal makeup & beauty Pinterest page here, or read our other Bride Guide blogs for guidance on all things wedding related!


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