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4 Tropical Summer Honeymoon Destinations

We put together the ultimate summer honeymoon destination list.

Happy June all. It’s safe to say summer is here and in full swing. This only means one thing here at HGS: wedding season. Summer weddings seem to have it all. Beautiful ceremonies, bright and bold colors, and lively entertainment. With summer weddings come summer honeymoons. While planning your big day is important, planning your honeymoon is too!

We know this decision can be difficult with so many dreamy and romantic destinations to choose from. As always HGS is here to bring you all the facts. We have the perfect list whether you're planning your honeymoon, an anniversary, or just a much-needed vacation. We put together the ultimate summer honeymoon destinations list. Keep scrolling to see where you might end up this summer!

1. Bali, Indonesia

AKA the Land of Gods, Bali is breathtakingly gorgeous with its tropical landscape. The natural beauty of this island exudes peace and tranquility. With rich culture and art, well-maintained beaches and luxurious resorts this vacation destination is both exotic and serene.

Bali is perfect for the modern-day bride who wants to relax and deserves to. With heavenly spas, hot yoga, and magical waterfalls we can confidently say this is the best place to rest and relax.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

This coastal city is known for its lively culture and adventure. With music, art, and history there is something for everyone here. With perfect year-round weather, delicious cuisine, and stunning beaches this is the perfect summer destination.

This beautiful town is made for the untamed bride who is itching for adventure. There is so much to experience from multicultural food to the colorful historic neighborhoods. With so much to explore the daring bride will have a blast.

3. Bermuda

Famous for its pink sand beaches Bermuda is a traveler's dream vacation. There are endless opportunities to explore crystal caves, historic museums, and gorgeous beaches. Bermuda is the perfect place for all couples to enjoy the unreal scenery.

Bermuda is also the perfect place for the

romantic bride. The bride who wants to fall in love with life. With dazzling sunsets, warm water, and amazing views of the coral reef romance has never been easier.

4. Singapore

Also known as the garden city due to the lush green foliage all around the city. With intriguing architecture, massive gardens, and cultural celebrations this destination is unique in its own right. Singapore has plenty to explore for all couples wanting to experience something new.

If you are the cool bride Singapore is for you. This multi-ethnic nation is so diverse with a rich culture to immerse yourself in. Tall modern buildings, unique laws, and street food just to name a few. The cool edgy bride will thrive here.

We hope this list of honeymoon destinations helps you plan yours.

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