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The Hanna Gotz Studio Guide To Wedding Dress Preservation

Preserving your wedding dress is so important in ensuring your gown retains its beauty whether that be simply for storing, passing it down to a loved one, or even repurposing the piece for wear. These are just a few tips we wish to share with you to guarantee a seemingly “good as new” gown.


Do Your Research

We recommend finding your preservationist prior to your big day to ensure that your gown can be quickly and swiftly sent to the cleaners directly afterwards, minimizing the risk of stains settling.


Leave It To The Professionals

While attempting to preserve your gown on your own is tempting, leave it to the professionals. If not done properly, your gown will only yellow and deteriorate with time and by the time this wear occurs, it will be too late.


Find A Cool & Dark Space

Once your gown has been properly and professionally preserved and returned to you, you now must carry out the remainder of the process. Make sure to keep your gown in a stable, dry air-conditioned environment and out of direct sunlight. We recommend on a top closet shelf or under the bed; never the attic or basement.


Hanna Gotz Studio gowns and separates are designed to be styled in all new ways, so they can be worn beyond the wedding again and again. Prioritizing wedding gown preservation ensures your beloved wedding look can be reworn, as intended.

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