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Latte Makeup: How To Use This Trending Look On Your Big Day

The viral “latte makeup” trend is an elevated take on a classic summer bronze look. This makeup plays off of brown and nude hues accompanied by a glowy base, a perfect combination for any Miami bride looking for a natural summer chic look.

This trend originated from makeup artist, Tanielle Jai. “What truly sets the latte look apart is its undertones,” says Jai. “The secret lies in bronzers and brown shades that have caramel, yellow, and olive undertones, steering away from the warm orange and red undertones often found in typical bronze and brown shades.”

In the Miami summer heat, finding a makeup look that embraces this is key. The lightly smoked out brown and nudes eyes adds a subtle sensuality. Pairing this look with a glossy lip effortlessly ties it all together.

This makeup look was originated by content creator, Rachel Rigler. Here is her viral Tik Tok that sparked the hottest look of the summer.

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