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5 Beautiful Beach Honeymoon Locations

Enjoy a relaxing and tropical honeymoon with your partner while exploring beaches all over the world.

1. St. Lucia

A stunning location located in the Caribbean filled with white sand beaches. The sheer beauty on this island is waiting to be explored and enjoyed by newly weds. Best location for the unexpected and creative bride.

2. Kauai

Take a break from the busy and crowded lifestyle so common to all with a honeymoon in the Hawaiian islands. Kauai is filled with outdoor wonders that can be viewed throughout the Nāpali Coast. This destination is essential for the bride looking to be timeless and classic.

3. Mauritius

A unique honeymoon within the Indian Ocean. A plethora of tropical beauty ranging from multi colored coral reefs to waterfalls along with the beach. Ideal for an elegant yet chic bride!

4. Thailand

Known for the amazing value and quality for an adventurous honeymoon. Turquoise waters and a lively nightlife will give all couples on their honeymoon memories for a lifetime. Perfect for a playful and passionate newly wed couple!

5. Mallorca

A part of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Mallorca is filled with a deep history and marvelous beach resorts. Enjoyable for a bride looking for a romantic and intimate honeymoon destination.

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