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5 Indulgent Dessert Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Although you can’t go wrong with a classic ivory wedding cake, here are some other confection suggestions that will be sure to look- and taste amazing.

1. Croquembouche

Pronounced krow-kuhm-boosh, this traditional French wedding dessert consists of cream puffs stacked in a cone shape and finished off with a delicate drizzle of caramel. The cream filling can be flavored however you like, and how you decorate the exterior

is up to you. Stick to tradition with just the caramel drizzle, or personalize it with colored icing, sugar flowers, greenery, and more. To serve, have guests break off their own cream puffs for a simple self-serve dessert.

2. Fruit Sorbet

Wow your guests with these individual sorbet cups, served in fruit! Perfect for a wedding when the weather is warm, fruit lovers will appreciate these adorable desserts. Without a need for single-use ice cream cups, they are also more environment-friendly. The traditional Italian dessert is called "sorbetto di limone," but people have gotten creative and used other fruits like oranges, coconuts, and watermelon to serve the sorbet.

3. Gelato Bar

If you are looking for a frozen treat that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth, go for gelato. It is slightly fancier than ice cream, with its thicker consistency and more concentrated flavor. You can set up a self-serve gelato station with fun flavors and toppings, or get a professional gelato cart like this one to roll into your reception.

4. Classic Dessert Table

Give people options with a fun dessert table displaying a variety of sweets. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, mini pastries, and more can all be used to fill the plates of your hungry guests. Tip: place your desserts on decorative platters, stands, and turntables to make your baked goods look like they are from a professional bakery display. Adding greenery, flowers, and other decorative elements to the table will really bring it together.

5. Individual Cakes

Cupcakes might be just as delicious, but these personal wedding cakes are an elevated version of the commonly served bite-sized dessert. Though it is still cake, preserve the beauty of your carefully made wedding cake and have guests take the individual ones instead. You can get creative with flavors and decorations, and display them just like cupcakes too.

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