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5 Tips To Saving Your Wedding Makeup In The Miami Heat

With rising temperatures and humidity synonymous with August in Miami, brides and bridal parties are extremely susceptible to melting off their perfect makeup looks. These five tips will help prevent your face from melting away on your special day.

1. Moisturizer

There is no better way to keep your skin hydrated and glowy amidst the Miami heat than prioritizing the right moisturizer. All great makeup looks start with a proper base. Not only will the right moisturizer provide an overall natural glow from within, it will also help naturally highlight your features like the cheekbone, brow bone and nose. The use of a tinted moisturizer also creates a lightweight base, providing a soft, dewy and clean look perfect for any and all minimalist brides.

2. Sunscreen

The average UV index for Miami in August is an 11! Incorporating sunscreen into your makeup routine is a must. Slathering on a reliable SPF underneath your makeup not only protects you from the harsh summer sun, but can also double as a makeup primer, providing a look to last through all celebrations. There are numerous sunscreen makeup products in the market currently ranging from shimmer eyeshadows, lip tints and more. Incorporating these into your wedding look will not only save your skin, but accentuate a rosy and glowy fresh-face.

3. Setting Powder

The absolute key to keeping your makeup sweat and shine proof is using a healthy amount of setting powder in all the right places. Focusing your powder on your T-zone helps prevent that excess shine and create a blurring effect for a soft-focused finish. Using a light powder also helps highlight and sculpt the face in a subtle, sleek and modern way.

4. Staining

One current trend to ensure a stay all day blush and lip is the use of stains. Typical powders and creams are susceptible to running, fading, and smudging, especially in tropical heat. Both lip and blush stains help maintain a rosy tint without the worry of reapplication, lasting you from first looks to ceremony to reception. Luckily, lips and blushes go hand-in-hand. If you are looking to cut down on products, try using your lip stains for your cheeks or vice versa. Opt for deeper hues for a sensual vibe or pale pinks for the more flirtatious bride.

5. Waterproof Mascara

Whether it be for a wedding filled with humidity or tears of joy, waterproof mascara is an essential. Heat and humidity typically break down your go-to mascara, causing smudging and running. Switching to waterproof mascara for the big day will not only combat that humidity, but it can help with holding your lashes’ curl longer as well. The eyes are the window to the soul, especially on your wedding day. Waterproof mascara ensures a bright, clean and timeless eye look for all brides.

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