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8 Wedding Trends For 2022

We chatted with Table 6 Productions co-founder, Heather Allen, who shared all the wedding trends for 2022.

It’s safe to say the pandemic has changed just about every aspect of our lives, and weddings are no exception. With summer 2022 just around the corner, we are beyond excited to say it's officially wedding season! As you start planning your big day, you may be wondering a lot of things. What decorations are in or out? What will make my event stand out?

Well, we were lucky enough to chat with Heather Allen co-founder of Table 6 Productions. She believes individuality is a key factor in wedding planning, and we couldn’t agree more. She shared with us 8 wedding trends of 2022 to look out for and get inspired by. Keep scrolling to get an exclusive look at all the wedding trends for this year.

1. Don’t Follow Trends - Create Your Own.

We are happy that this “trend” is one that never goes out of style. Remember that this is your day and your wedding should reflect you. The key to a timeless wedding is unique to you. There are no rules!!

2. Micro-Weddings

We are seeing micro-wedding (75 guests and under) more and more, and we can't deny its benefits. With fewer guests, your budget can be spread out assuring that quality over quantity will allow you to have a chic and sophisticated wedding.

3. More Color

It’s refreshing to see brides getting creative and playful when it comes to color schemes. Whether you're using bold and vibrant colors for flowers, table settings, or even your dress we are all about it. This will ensure a beautiful and festive day.

4. Immersive Entertainment

Of course, we expect to see a DJ or a live band at most weddings. But we love the idea of taking this a step further to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether it’s acrobatic dancers performing at cocktail hour or a beer donkey, there are many ideas! Don’t be afraid to get creative and wow your guest

5. Metallics Are Out

We love a glamorous wedding, but we’d be lying if we said we aren't excited about a more simple aesthetic. Using clear glass or acrylic and different shades of white will create a sleek and modern vibe for your wedding.

6. Installations Are A Key Factor

To make your big day a show-stopping event it’s important to add customized elements to your ceremony. Focus on 5 main things that reflect you and will simultaneously wow your guest. This could range anywhere from a floral-covered ceiling to a dreamy backdrop or even a statement wedding cake. Get creative and have fun!

7. Reverse Weddings

The reverse wedding is a refreshing idea that allows your special day to reflect you. Let us be the first to tell you that the order of your events is completely up to you. We are used to attending weddings where the order is the same: the ceremony leads into cocktail hour and the night ends with the reception. Have an open mind and don’t be afraid to switch things up.

8. The First Look

We are obsessed with this sweet moment shared between the bride and groom. But we are excited to see the “first look” shared with the bridal party, family, and friends. Take advantage of your moment to show off. Remember this is your day there is no shame in making it all about you.

Click here to watch the full Instagram live with Heather Allen.

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