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A Twist to Traditional Nails on Your Wedding Day

Hop On The Chrome Trend For Your Special Day!

Looking for a way to modernize the classic nail style most brides get on their wedding day? Try a layer of Chrome Effect on your nails to give your manicure a flirty and celebratory look.

One of the biggest nail trends seen all over social media platforms like Tik Tok currently is chrome nails A.K.A Glazed Donut Nails (inspired by the beautiful Ms. Hailey Bieber). This nail look is the ultimate way to elevate a standard manicure for a chic and glamorous nail look. The shine that radiates from the glow of the chrome looks phenomenal throughout photos without being distracting.

How to achieve the chrome effect for your wedding day:

  1. One coat of the color OPI Funny Bunny

  2. Cure for 60 Seconds

  3. Follow with one coat of OPI top coat

  4. Cure for 60 seconds

  5. Wipe with Alcohol

  6. Add OPI Chrome Effect in the shade Tin Man Can (applied with a small brush)

  7. Finish with another layer of a top coat

  8. Cure for 60 Seconds

  9. Enjoy this beautiful nail look on your wedding day!

We hope you loved this mini-tutorial on a style of statement nails for your wedding day!

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