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Behind Hanna Gotz Studio

We are a bridal wear brand dedicated to authenticity and sophistication while embracing Latin American culture to help guide brides through one of the most special events of their lives.

Located in Miami, Florida, our brand delivers an extensive line of pieces for all aspects of a bride’s special day. Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, formal proposals, and any other event you have surrounding your important day we have the perfect modernized, yet statement items to help complete your look.

Hanna Gotz Studio produces the type of high quality apparel you can feel just through the material at hand. Handmade and personalized pieces made just for you are meant to mold to the personality and style of each individual bride. We hope to inspire a sense of confidence and passion in every bride as she feels her most beautiful version of herself.

Latin American heritage is highly valued within this brand and we showcase that alongside an elevated tropical and chic vibe within our wedding pieces.

Hanna Gotz Studio provides fashion forward and sustainable pieces meant to last the bride more than just her special day. These timeless and sleek pieces from our collections can be worn again and again even after the wedding day!

Our goal is to help create a bond and closeness between our brand of bridal wear as well as an understanding of what the bride is looking for within their perfect gown. Trusting Hanna Gotz Studio with something as important as what you wear on your wedding day means so much to our entire team and we strive to make this day as memorable and exciting as possible.

Thank you for reading about what makes Hanna Gotz Studio! Follow our Instagram for more updates.


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