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Hanna Gotz Studio - The Custom Bridal Process

Updated: 15 hours ago

Custom designing your gown is an intricate process, one that takes lots of communication and time. At Hanna Gotz Studio, we have split the entirety of this process - from inspiration to completion - into 7 stages, ensuring every bride leaves fully satisfied with their piece. 

7. Final Pickup Appointment

Each of these meetings are VIP one-on-one collaborative appointments with Hanna , allowing the vision to develop and take a life of its own. These steps can be done completely virtually for out-of-state brides, or can be adjusted to a hybrid model to suite a quick Miami trip. Either way, the process fully depends on the bride’s preferences and timeline.  

1. Intro Call

This step is always done virtually and free of charge. Discuss details of your wedding and run down the vision for your gown with Hanna, who has professional experience and has previously planned her own wedding as well.

This meeting will also cover any questions you might have about the custom process and will cover the wedding timeline and major points, ensuring a schedule that is suitable to your desires is achievable. 

In getting more familiar with you and your wedding vision, questions about the “ultimate bridal vision”, wedding location, and experience will be asked for Hanna to gain a full understanding of your desires for the big day and the overall aesthetic of the event. 

2. Vision Call

This second call is the first real part of the experience, involving a deep dive into all details of gown vision and the wedding itself. Bridal specifics are discussed in depth here, such as personal style outside of bridal, dress ideas, and preferences for the gown.

Potential styles will be considered and brainstormed based on what the bride would like to accentuate or hide on their body, and how they imagine their perfect gown to be. The full look is also considered, including hair, makeup, and jewelry ideas for a more cohesive aesthetic. Design detail must haves are also noted during this meeting so they can be incorporated into the original design. 

Throughout this time, feel free to share any inspiration photos or Pinterest boards with Hanna, as she is happy to look through them to ensure she has a clear picture of what you are looking for specifically. Many brides choose to send photos of themselves in wedding gowns they might’ve tried on already or dresses they've worn for other occasions, giving Hanna an idea of your body type, personal style, and preferences. 

Following this call, all of the ideas, inspiration, and requirements are compiled into a solidified design. Sketches are then created, typically multiple options, to nail down the more conceptual ideas that might’ve been thrown around up until this point. 

3. Design Review

These review meetings are when the designs are first presented and any suggestions are taken for revisions to the sketches based on the bride's wishes. There are as many meetings (either virtual or in person) as needed for the bride to be fully satisfied with the piece.

Typically there are 1-3 of these meetings, during which very specific design changes will be described and decided upon. Once the design is approved, the process of turning the sketch into reality begins. 

4. Fabric Review

Preferably done in person, these meetings are where the bride is exposed to the many fabrics that are available at Hanna Gotz Studio. Brides are also encouraged to suggest any fabrics that they might have a preference for and consult with Hanna on her professional opinion considering which materials would be best based on the style of the gown.

If in the studio, the bride will also be shown some previous Hanna Gotz Studio pieces made of different fabrics to get a better idea of which materials look better for which designs.

However, this process can also be done virtually (per the bride’s request). The bride and Hanna may exchange photos, material property preferences, and opinions. If possible, the bride can also browse fabric shops more local to them for a physical assessment of common bridal fabrics, allowing them to choose their fabric wisely without traveling. 

Similarly to that of the design review, there may be as many of these meetings as desired of the bride (although it is typically between 1 and 3). 

5. Measurements Meeting

For these custom pieces, a variety of unique measurements are taken to ensure the gown fits perfectly. Depending on the dress design, there can be upwards of 35 different measurements. In person, Hanna (or her seamstress) will help assist with the measurements in the studio during this meeting.

If completed virtually over video call, Hanna can help guide the measurement process. It is still best to have a helping hand during this step, since some measurements may be difficult to get on yourself. 

6. Fittings

Once the gown has been created according to previous designs and fabrics, the fitting process begins. These are meant to ensure that the vision aligns with the real piece and that it is flattering and comfortable, while any necessary tweaks are made. By this point, there are typically no large design changes made, but the gown can be slightly altered to perfection. 

This process typically occurs through 1-3 meetings spread out over a few weeks and may be skipped if the bride doesn’t wish to travel. Having the custom piece made completely virtually means that the gown would now be shipped out. However, we do offer another option for out-of-state brides who have the means and desire to travel to Miami, called boot-camp fittings.

Throughout the course of 1 to 1.5 weeks, all necessary fittings and alterations are completed. With multiple visits to the studio over a short time period, the bride leaves at the end of this trip with her fully completed piece, in time for her big day. 

7. Final Pickup Appointment

This last meeting is more of a celebratory event marking the end of this special process. Many brides choose to bring guests, like their family or bridal party, for a big reveal of the completed gown.

There’s often also an in studio photoshoot, during which the brides, their guests, and Hanna pop bottom champagne and discuss wedding details. At the end of this appointment, the bride leaves with her custom gown and memories/photos that last a lifetime. 

Interested in custom bridal or have more questions? Click here to schedule a consultation with Hanna now. For more bridal inspiration or information, check out our Pinterest and blog, the Bride Guide, for posts similar to this.


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