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The Modern Bride's Tips To Wedding Videography

As we prepare for our latest installation of our Hanna Gotz Studio Spotlight Series: Videography, we are sharing with you our top tips to wedding videography, ensuring you capture these special moments in a way that stays true to you and your love story.


Why Videography?

With the evolving technological age that we live in, there are so many other ways to capture the highlights of your big day aside from traditional photography. Wedding films help catch those intimate moments that help convey the emotion, sound, and movement of your wedding day. Videography ensures that the little moments of your day will not go undocumented.


Videography x Photography Teams

Finding a videographer that also functions as a photography team, helps maintain a sense of cohesiveness. This collaboration creates and reflects a more united and seamless final product for you and your wedding memories.


Make It Your Own

There are so many creative and unique styles out there for videographers to capture your big day and it is essential to find ways to make the final product reflect you and your partner's individuality. One way is to additionally shoot your rehearsal dinner, welcome party or bachelor and bachelorette parties, fully encompassing your full wedding experience. Another way is to use different formats whether that be Super 8 film for a romantic and vintage aesthetic or cinematic videography for a sleek and classic feel.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see and hear from our featured videographers and their teams!


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