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Get Inspired by the Latest Celebrity Weddings

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Here is what the VIPs are incorporating into their nuptials for weddings that wow.

Nicola Peltz & Brooklyn Beckham

For a star-studded wedding of 500 guests, it is no surprise that these socialites put on a showstopping event. Taking place in the Peltz Palm Beach estate, the couple went to great lengths to achieve a timeless, old-money look.

Nicola’s square-neck Valentino Couture wedding gown shows that simple silhouettes and fabrics never go out of style. Pairing the dress with a beautiful veil and french lace gloves adds a classy touch.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

This celebrity couple celebrated their matrimony at a gorgeous venue in Georgia in August 2022.

An aisle canopied with white and green flowers carved out a perfect path for the joyful newlyweds.

Naomi Biden & Peter Neal

The 28-year-old granddaughter of president Biden held a traditional wedding on the breathtaking south lawn in November. Being the only grandchild of a president to be married at the white house, she took advantage of her historical venue and fully embraced the traditional style.

The all-white flowers and lush vines used throughout the entire venue were the perfect choice to create a stunning and neutral background.

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams

The actress and television radio host tied the knot in August at a California wine vineyard. The natural aspects of the venue helped execute their vision, as the canopy of a tree was the focal point of the ceremony and was where the two exchanged vows.

The earth-toned venue was brought to life with pops of color seen in the florals, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding guest attire.

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