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Hanna Gotz Studio Photoshoot Makeup Looks

Explore the makeup looks that complimented our models wearing bridal wear from Collection I and Collection II to give inspiration for your own wedding day!

To compliment the Ana Top, the makeup was done uniquely to the model while still having a classical look. The eyeshadow chosen has orange hues and is meant to highlight and brighten the brides eye color while maintaining simplicity on the rest of her face. This is to ensure there is no distracting on the wedding day from the statement raw edges of added texture carefully placed on the off the shoulder top.

A makeup look carefully orchestrated to enhance the romantic and feminine aspect of the Carmen Top. The makeup defines the cheekbones and eyebrows while keeping the softness and romantic look around the eyes of the bride. A simple nude/pink lip matches beautifully with the detailed ruffles lining around the bust and looks stunning on wedding day photos.

Due to the simplicity and delicacy of the Lia Top, the makeup here is showcased to be more dramatic. Darker eyeshadow blended seamlessly adds dimension while maintaining a simple makeup look on the bride. The soft addition of highlight within the corner of the eyes and center of the face flatters the front v-neck of the dress. Perfect makeup look for the bride to add a personal flare to a minimalist dress.

The makeup look revolving around the Mar Top is bronzy and focused on neutral tones to coincide with the effortless touch of this top. With a simple, satin finish to the lips, the makeup look is elevated while still matching the individuality that comes with the Mar Top. Ideal for the bride looking for a sultry yet simple makeup look to compliment her dress.

Thank you for reading along, we hoped you loved it! Follow us for more bridal wear and wedding day inspiration on Instagram.


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