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Happy Father's Day

Hanna Gotz Studio wants to honor all of the amazing men in our lives.

Here at HGS, we love to celebrate and today we are happy to celebrate all fathers and father figures. We are so grateful for all the men in our lives who encourage and uplift us. As a female-run company, we strive to embrace women's individuality and feel blessed that our fathers do the same.

Our fathers teach us so many valuable lessons and skills throughout our lives. We are incredibly thankful for the men that showed us hard work, dedication, independence, and of course a sense of humor (we appreciate all the dad jokes). Fathers play such an essential role in our lives, even on a bride's wedding day. They ensure that the bride's fiancé will not only enhance her life but encourage and support her too. The wedding day can be an emotional time for dads seeing their daughter grow up. We love seeing the precious moment shared between an HGS bride and her father on her big day.

We want to wish all the amazing fathers, brothers, and grandfathers a very happy fathers day!!

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