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HGS Bride: Yari’s Romantic Lace Wedding Day

When working with any of our Hanna Gotz Studio bride’s we prioritize their needs and wants to help them look and feel their best on their special day. This week, we are looking at our latest bride’s custom wedding veil and how this look embodied her wedding day.


Our HGS bride Yari was looking for a romantic veil with a touch of dramatic flair for her big moment walking down the aisle. Yari’s veil was created using an elegant sheer tulle fabric helping create a soft and feminine feel.


The star of the show for this bride was not just her gown, but also her custom veil that perfectly complimented her gown for a cohesive final look. Using a sheer, lightweight tulle with stunning floral appliques, this blusher and train effortlessly blew in the wind making for a surreal wedding moment.


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