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In The Making: Behind Collection II

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Hanna Gotz Studio is taking you behind the scenes of Collection II.

Collection II was released last week and we are thrilled with the outcome. We have had so much fun showcasing the unique bridal separates. Each HGS piece is designed to tell a story and show off bridal individuality. Collection II was made for the modern bride who wants to make a statement.

When it comes to creativity, the designer, Hanna Gotz doesn't fall short. With customized bridal pieces Hanna is precise, innovative, and daring (pretty amazing right, we think so too.) We want to take you through the process and inspiration behind our latest collection.

Keep scrolling to see exclusive photos from the making of Collection II.


Sketching is plays a principal role in the first steps when it comes to designing. Here you will see a few drawings of The Mirna Skirt.

Even through the sketches, you can see how effortless and timeless this bridal separate is. The long pleats and revealing front slit allow the bride to make a big statement on her big day.


Looking through high-quality fabrics is also a crucial part of the beginning stages. There are so many beautiful shades and hues of white, cream, and light pinks.

Not to mention the different textures of lace, sequins, and tulle. Using a certain fabric can change the essence and fit of a wedding gown. We love the endless possibilities different fabrics can provide.


Pinning, cutting, and draping are all ways designers can see their work come to life.

Here you can see the finished Mar Top and the beginning idea behind the Mirna Skirt. This look is everything the modern bride is looking for.


Seeing the whole look come together is beyond exciting but adding last-minute details is everything. Details can transform a look from simple to statement.

Here you can see the fringe attached to the Linette Midi. This bridal dress is fun and sexy perfect for a second look.

We hope you enjoyed the journey behind Collection II as much as we did. Don't forget to browse through Drop I, Drop II, and Drop III of Collection II.

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