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Makeup Tips For Flawless Application On Your Wedding Day

Whether you opt to do your own makeup or use a makeup artist, here are some helpful tips to ensure you have long lasting, immaculate makeup throughout the entire day!

1.Skin prep is the foundation to a solid makeup base!

Ideally, start prepping your skin months in advance for plump, glowing skin but ensure you use a light-weight and hydrating moisturizer before starting your makeup routine. This sets the tone for smooth makeup application.

2.Test out products and tones beforehand

Have run throughs of your entire routine to perfect the color matching and overall satisfaction with how you will look on your big day. Doing this will also help prevent unwanted flashback in photos

3.Use a primer

Not only will a primer give the allusion of smooth and untextured skin, it will also be the reason your makeup lasts from day to night!

4.Blend, Blend, Blend!

For the most airbrushed makeup look you will be required to blend everything completely.

5.Insist on using waterproof eye makeup

Mascara and eyeliner should both be waterproof on this beautiful and emotional day to prepare for any happy tears!

6.Powder is your best friend

A good quality powder is going to help finish off your makeup and make it long lasting without taking away the glow.

7.Use a setting spray

Lock in your makeup with the final touch of a few spritz of your favorite setting spray.

8. Keep a tiny bag filled with products near by

Touchups are needed throughout the busy and fun night so having a bag with lipstick or powder is going to help keep you photo ready the entire day.

Thank you for reading along, we hoped you loved it! Follow us for more bridal wear and wedding day inspiration on Instagram.


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