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Nail Inspiration For The Modern Bride

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

There is a lot that goes into wedding planning, and it is very easy to overlook the little details. Many brides leave nails to the last minute and settle for a mute nail set. Fret not and look no further, we have acquired a list of current trending nail looks for the modern bride.

Rose Water

The trending, "rose water nail" is a refreshing take on a muted pink, encapsulating a clean and romantic look. That glossy sheer pink finish ensures that your nails will not be stealing the show from the rest of your ensemble, while still maintaining a touch of subtle femininity.

Minimalist Dot

Nothing quite does a clean and fresh nail look like a glossy nude. However, adding a minimalist dot of color at the cuticle line adds a trendy and personal touch. Make the dot your favorite color or one within your wedding theme to really round out the cohesion of your big day. The dot is also an understated way to incorporate your something blue, adorning your nude nails with a baby blue dot.

Blueberry Milk

This summer’s hottest trend is “blueberry milk” nails and was of course popularized by newly wed it-girl Sofia Richie Grainge. This muted shade of blue adds a modern, clean and refreshing touch to this wedding season.

Subtle Chrome

For the bride looking for a little extra shine for their big day; a subtle chrome nail. Piggy-backing off of last year’s iconic craze, the Hailey Bieber nail, this shiny mirror finish adds that extra touch of glamor in a modern and playful way. For brides, this look can be done with pink, nude or even the currently trending blueberry milk.

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