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Prioritizing Yourself While Planning A Wedding

With endless responsibilities and items to mark off of your wedding checklist, it can be mentally and physically draining on brides. However, this monumental day in your life should be filled with bliss, not stress! Here is a helpful guide to feeling great on, and before, your wedding day.

1.Delegate and ask for assistance

Your family and friends want to be a part of making this day as easy and special for you as they can. Ask friends to research certain aspects that may seem tedious or minuscule to you on your big day. These influential people in your life will only be excited for a chance to help.

2.Resist comparisons to other weddings

Social media can sometimes make every other person seem as though they have the perfect wedding. That is hardly ever the case. Focus on putting your own personal touches throughout your wedding instead.

3.Avoid dwelling on the uncontrollable

Life is extremely unpredictable. Not every aspect of your wedding day is going to turn out to be exactly how you envisioned it and that's okay! Try not to fret if something goes off schedule. Have a plan b on hand for certain situations, such as bad weather, to relieve stress if something does happen.

4. Set a budget

Most brides are shocked to find out the final cost of everything while planning a wedding. To avoid going over-budget, creating an excel sheet to stay on track is helpful. This allows for smooth planning with minimal hiccups.

5. Hire a wedding planner

Finding and hiring vendors and coordinating all aspects of your wedding is a job in itself. A wedding planner turns the entire wedding process into an enjoyable moment that can be looked forward to with anticipation and good emotions.

6.Self care days and nights

The importance of putting yourself first throughout the wedding planning process may seem like something that is of low priority on the totem pole but that could not be farther from the truth. Taking care of yourself and doing things for YOU, such as working out or meditating, is the most effective way to improve your mindset and mental health.

7. Make time to bond with your partner during this special time

Try to enjoy this time together by looking forward to this celebration of love. There will be stressful moments that come along with wedding planning but communicating with one another helps to strengthen your relationship through this process.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the importance of putting yourself first throughout planning a wedding.

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