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Reflecting On 2023 With Hanna Gotz Studio

As 2023 comes to a close, we are so grateful for everything that was made possible for Hanna Gotz Studio and our lovely brides. To discuss all of these amazing moments and memories, we sat down with the designer of HGS, Hanna Gotz herself.


If you could sum up this past year in three words, what would they be?

"Whirlwind, Fun & Growth"

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment in 2023? 

"My biggest satisfaction at the end of each year is the love and appreciation bride’s share with me. The kind words, the thoughtful gifts and notes, and above all the intimate conversations that ultimately makes the custom experience feel more like friends having fun together than anything else."


What is your favorite memory from 2023?

"My favorite memories at the studio will always be the pick up appointments. It’s always emotional and so much fun. We have champagne, music, family and friends, and of course the dream bridal look. It’s an incredible moment where we see everything we have worked on come to life seamlessly."

What was your greatest obstacle to overcome this past year?

"Time. Last year, the second collection launched the same day I had my baby. This year has been about leaning on an incredible team so that I could focus on each bride having the most special and personalized experience possible."


What are you most excited for Hanna Gotz Studio in 2024?

"I am so excited to launch the newest collection. It’s currently in the making. We’ve begun on the first pieces, and they are beautiful. I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone."

If you could sum up your plans for Hanna Gotz Studio 2024 in three words, what would they be?

"Growth, creativity, and continuing to enhance the bride’s experience. Imagine that last one is all one word."


We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and cannot wait to continue growing our community in 2024!

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