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Spotlight Series: Busy Bee's Events & Weddings

In this first post from our spotlight series, hear from owner Bettina Benizri of Busy Bee's Events & Weddings to get a closer look at the wedding planning industry.

Meet Bettina. Her company, Busy Bee's Events & Weddings is based in South Florida and Austin, Texas. As the owner of an event planning business with over 19 thousand followers on Instagram and multiple "Best of Weddings" awards from The Knot, we asked her some questions to find out more about her company and wedding planning as a whole.

Tell us a little about yourself/your background and what drew you into wanting to be a part of the wedding planning industry.

"What really drew me into wedding planning is that the world of possibilities is endless. It's an industry

that is consistently growing larger and larger and it's all about being creative not only in the planning process but in the business process as well."

What benefits are there to using a wedding planner for newly engaged couples?

"Clarity and a great direction for wedding planning."

Has there ever been a wedding you planned that was outside of your comfort zone? "Plenty. I absolutely love when we can incorporate so many different colors and textures into a wedding scape. It really gets us so excited for how we can really change up the space."

How do you incorporate a couple’s personality within the wedding planning process?

"It's really important to first get to know the couple and understand what makes them happy and how they want to be intertwined in the details. Some couples like to go with more subtle details and others like to really make it a statement. Wedding trends also hold a huge influence on this day and age wedding couples."

If there was any iconic past wedding you wish you could have helped plan, which would it be?

"Definitely Meghan Markle and Harry's wedding, I cannot imagine how incredible the rich history and traditions that were incorporated into the wedding."

What is one wedding memory you will always remember?

"My favorite memory of each wedding is the moment the wedding couple walk into the wedding reception space

and see how the whole room comes

together and see the finalized room put

together. Their face of awe is just absolutely incredible and makes my heart so full to know that I was part of

this couple's huge day!"

Bettina also stated that their "communication and transparency" sets them apart from other businesses in the wedding planning industry. Her long-term goals for the business are to "expand, expand, expand!"

To hear more from Bettina and her amazing business, head over to their website:

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