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Spotlight Series: Ella Events by Gabriella Marie

Get to know more about Gabriella Maenza and "'Ella Events," her luxury wedding and event planning business based in South Florida.

This is Gabriella, owner & founder of 'Ella Events by Gabriella Marie. As someone who has been passionate about planning events ever since she was young, Gabriella said she even "claimed the role of Official Family Talent Show Planner," at age 10. She eventually went on to receive her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Event Management from the University of Central Florida. Aside from managing her own company, she also has experience managing events for non-profits, working for Perfect Wedding Guide South Florida, and planning events for South Florida's "Rocco's Tacos." Read below to hear Gabriella's answers to some of our questions!

What benefits are there to using a wedding planner for newly engaged couples?

"There are so many levels and details to wedding planning and honestly I think what most couples need through the process is an unbiased friend to guide them through the planning and decision-making!"

Has there ever been a wedding you planned that was outside of your comfort zone?

"I love being taken out of my comfort zone and exploring a new way to plan or design an event. But an event, in particular, was my clients wanting 2 separate events in one day at the same venue. We went from a brunch ceremony to our Rodeo Drive Meets Rodeo-themed reception!"

How do you incorporate a couple’s personality within the wedding planning process?

"I tailor planning style to accommodate my clients and their particular work style! The planning process that’s to be geared towards making our clients feel comfortable as it’s an intimate process and we want to make it stress-free and always fun!"

If there was any iconic past wedding you wish you could have help planned, which would it be?

"Kate Bock and Kevin Love, it was a timeless look and filled with candlelight!"

What are the three words that come to mind when describing your aesthetic?

"Timeless, Modern, Personal."

What is one wedding memory you will always remember?

"The first time I had to sew two buttons onto the sleeve of the bride's dress before the ceremony….at this point I’ve been doing weddings for over 5 years and never had something a safety pin couldn’t fix. So it was a quick trip to my emergency kit and the buttons lasted the rest of the day!"

What differentiates you from other businesses in the wedding planning industry?

"I take pride in being the face of my brand by wearing multiple hats. I have a deep love for making other people happy and bringing their visions to life.

Being creative and hands-on to create lasting memories and exciting experiences for all of my clients. I’m naturally a social butterfly and since our planning process is intimate and sometimes spans over a couple of years this allows us to build a bond of trust and friendship with clients to become/stay friends once the special day is over; is what I’m most proud of. I believe that I fully embody this quote and that is what sets me apart from others as I live by the saying “Do it with passion, or not at all”.'

What are the long-term goals you have for your business?

"To continue to grow ‘Ella events but in a manageable way as I still want my clients to have the full experience with me as their planner. I also would love to see our creative ways of planning published!"

To discover more about Gabriella and her craft, head over to

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