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Spotlight Series: Masson Liang Photography

Learn more about Masson, a South Florida wedding photographer who takes breathtaking photos that capture authentic moments between couples.

Every couple dreams of having flawless wedding photos to look back on from their special day. On top of taking beautiful photos, Masson "seeks to know his clients as friends before clients," and "requires his clients to have fun."

1. Tell us a little about yourself/your background and what drew you into wanting to become a wedding photographer.

"Well! I have a crazy path to where I am now. I actually went to the University of Florida for Statistics and Actuarial Sciences (big words for lots of numbers and data analytics). I went on afterward to retrieve my MBA in Business Intelligence (more data stuff). After working in the corporate world for nearly 9 years, I was running my photography business in parallel for about 3 years before deciding it was time to take a leap of faith into my passion. I've been "full time" for 4 years, shooting for 6 or 7, and have not looked back."

2. How would you best describe your wedding photography style?

"I try to not categorize or box myself into a "style." On wedding days, I am always searching to capture the story of the day and how it unfolds naturally and organically as possible. I want to catch those "in-between" moments, the little moments that often go unseen."

3. What is one thing you wish more people knew about wedding photography?

"How much work goes on in the backend! Our job is just getting started after we finish shooting the wedding. The final gallery takes quite a while to sift through, edit, and really narrow down thousands and thousands of images to the selects that best represent and tell the story of the weekend" 4. How do you adapt when clients have specific visions that don't necessarily match your photography style?

"I always have discovery calls with potential clients and inquiries beforehand to ensure we are a good fit for one another. The client-to-photographer relationship should be seamless in the sense that our visions and "styles" align."

5. If there was any iconic past wedding you wish you could have photographed, which would it be?

"This is a tough one! It may sound kind of funny, but the first epic wedding that comes to mind is the wedding that was shown in the film Crazy Rich Asians haha. Everything about that wedding seemed so over the top and probably would've been a monster to capture, but it was stunning haha."

6. What is one wedding memory you will always remember?

"What always stands out to me is when couples really show and verbalize just how grateful they are for our time, talent, and efforts. We pour so much of our emotions, personal time, and physical selves into each wedding, so any time we are recognized for that in a genuine way, it means the world."

7. What differentiates you from other businesses in the wedding photography industry? "I always tell couples that there are so many photographers who are talented out there and can take a great photo, but what I take heavy pride in is forming a genuine relationship with my couples. Forming a genuine relationship with my couples is what allows the couples to be vulnerable, open up, and for the truly meaningful photos and memories to be captured."

8. What are the long-term goals you have for your business?

"I hope to take on a smaller amount of weddings, but more full experience wedding weekends as far as engagement sessions, welcome parties, destinations, etc. This also allows me to really give my undivided attention to each couple to my fullest capacity."

9. How do you incorporate a couple's personality into the photos you take?

"As mentioned in number 7, I place the greatest importance on getting to know my couples and how they interact with each other. On wedding days, I provide light guidance but allow them to really lean in on being themselves & letting their personalities shine through natural interaction."

10. Is there anything else you would like to share?

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a bit more about myself & I always want couples to know how truly grateful I am to be able to be invited in one of their most intimate and exciting life moments."

You can find more of Masson's talent on Instagram @massonliangphoto, or on his website:

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