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Which Seating Style Should I Choose at My Wedding?

Here we will compare the top 3 common seating arrangements at weddings, to help you decide what is best for your big day.

1. Assigned Seating

Assigned seating is great for those who want to understand how something will play out before it happens. It requires more time and energy during the planning process but will leave the couple with a sense of certainty that they won't have to stress about on their wedding day.

You also will not have to worry about how your guests will interact with each other if you choose who they sit with. Any family drama you want to avoid can be solved by simply seating people with those you know they will get along with.

Assigned seating can also add an aspect of formality to your event because each seat has a name card denoting which guest sits there.

2. Unassigned Seating

Unassigned seating is a free-for-all, when guests choose where and with whom they sit. This means you won't have to worry about trying to figure out the perfect spot for each guest in advance, but you will have to give up some control and leave it in the hands of your guests.

The decision to have assigned vs. unassigned seating can depend on the size of your wedding, and what style of dining you choose for the reception. Assigned seating is generally used when there is a sit-down dining service and vice versa. It may be easier to choose unassigned seating at smaller, more casual weddings. However, if you have a lot of guests, letting them choose their seating may be chaotic and stressful.

3. Assigned Tables

Another seating option many people gravitate toward is assigned tables. This choice combines the planning of assigned seating with the informality of unassigned seating. At weddings with assigned tables, there is a seating chart letting guests know which table they will be sitting at. Everyone gets to choose their specific seats at whatever table they were assigned, which can give guests comfort while still giving the couple control and predictability.

Thank you for reading, we hope this helped you make a decision on wedding seating.

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