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Working Alongside Women in the Wedding Industry

Our beautiful photoshoot at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens could not have come to life without the group of talented, innovative and inspiring women. Hanna, Catalina, Vanessa, Carelia, Lily, Zoila, Caleigh, Catherine and Vanessa.

Whether it's a photoshoot for a bridal wear brand or a brides' wedding day, a powerful workforce of women often come together to create a unique story and aesthetic. This collaboration paves the way for creativity, open communication, adaptability and a shared vision. As a bridal wear brand, Hanna Gotz Studio prioritizes relationships and connections with other women-owned businesses in the wedding industry.

Here we share a story of romance and modernity in a traditional landscape. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Get to know the photoshoot team and see more of their work below:

Designer: @hannagotzstudio

Photographer: @ayubiphotography

Hair Stylist: @_vanessaospina_

Model: @lilymust

BTS: @zoi.castro.uriol &

Make Up Artist: @careliaisabel

Jewelry Brand: @ilayajewelry

Location: @vizcaya_museum

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