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10 Tips to Perfecting Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first glance your guests have into your special day. Learn how to curate your invites to match the theme and aesthetic of your wedding from start to finish.

1.Send Save the Dates 8-10 months in advance from your wedding day

This is especially crucial if your big day lands on a major holiday weekend or if you are planning a romantic destination wedding to ensure guests have enough time to plan for attendance.

2.Make sure the actual wedding invitations arrive to your guests at least 3 months in advance!

Within this invitation include an RSVP date that will give you enough time to cater around the number of guests for seating charts, food, etc.

3.Establish if plus one's are invited

In order to avoid awkward situations, it's best to directly say whether or not you allow your guests to bring someone.

4. Paper selection

There are many different types of papers to choose from to print your invitations on but it is recommended to go with something sturdy such as heavy card stock as it holds its shape well and is durable in the mail.

5.Set the tone

Your wedding invitations should match the same aesthetic as your entire wedding. The color scheme, font style, and formatting are all important steps to perfecting your wedding invites.

6.Ask for a sample

Before ordering a hefty amount of your wedding invitations ask to see one printed out to ensure all the final details are put into place exactly how you love!


The last thing you want is to have a bulk order of your wedding invitations with a typo so enlist some help in reviewing your invitations before you press order!

8.Ensure your invitations are pre-addressed and include a stamp

Wedding etiquette involves providing the ultimate ease for responses from your guests, even if it requires you to purchase extra stamps for everyone.

9. Include a response or RSVP card

These cards will provide an easy way for guests to respond in an efficient and conductive manner for all parties involved.

10.Order back-ups

You never know if there is a last minute invite needed and having extra will act as a nice keepsake from your special day. Being extra prepared will save you time, money and stress in the long run.

Thank you for reading. Keep up with more wedding inspiration and bridal wear on our Instagram!


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