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Floral Inspired Wedding Decor for your Big Day

Updated: May 30

Delicate. Feminine. Elegant.

Floral arrangements and bouquets are key to finalizing a sophisticated wedding venue, whether you're looking to create a tropical, spring, or garden feel for your event. They fit almost any season and theme, and are certain to add a special touch to any photos or videos.

With spring coming up quickly, floral inspired weddings are also ideal to add a pop of color to your decorations while simultaneously creating a delicately timeless feel. Here are a few of our favorite floral wedding aesthetics at HGS.

Elegant White

This look encapsulates a delicate wedding look while ensuring that every aspect of the venue and decor will match in terms of color and design. White roses, camellias, hydrangeas, and orchids exude a classic charm, transforming any location into a vision of ethereal beauty.

Utilizing white floral arrangements in table centerpieces, arches, and as aisle markers creates an atmosphere of sophistication, particularly when paired with lush greenery. Whether in a grand ballroom or an intimate garden setting, this elegant wedding theme captures the essence of timeless romance, leaving a lasting impression on guests and creating cherished memories for newlyweds.

Rustic Fall

Rich tones of burgundy, orange, and deep red create the feel of a cozy and intimate occasion through this vintage theme, exuding a uniquely earthly charm.

Lush arrangements of sunflowers, dahlias, and colored roses adorned with select foliage bring out the beauty of the outdoors, while utilizing wooden accents such as barrels, crates, and furniture adds a touch of rustic authenticity.

While inherently seasonal, rustic fall floral wedding decor always envelops guests in a cozy and romantic embrace, creating an unforgettable celebration infused with natural beauty and heartfelt warmth at any time of the year.

Vibrant Summer

Bursting with energy and joy, this bold floral theme embraces an abundance of colors and blooms to create a celebration brimming with warmth. Utilizing a bright and cheerful color palette of sunny yellow, blue, and orange creates an idealistic reflection of the essence of summer.

Citrus fruits and tropical foliage can also add a playful touch to the look, while greenery arches and centerpieces exude a sense of freshness throughout the venue. Whether set against a backdrop of sun-kissed beaches or lush gardens, this gorgeous wedding theme creates an infectious sense of happiness, one that takes full advantage of a bright and sunny day.


Embrace natural beauty and floral abundance on your big day by incorporating botanical elements into every aspect of the celebration.

This theme epitomizes the romance of blooming flowers and lushness of a tropical, outdoor wedding, creating an atmosphere of delicate elegance and femininity as soft pastel hues such as blush pink, white, and pale yellow dominate.

Overflowing bouquets of garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus adorn tables, arches, and even the aisle, while incorporating other elements of nature such as wood, foliage, and planters further enhances the organic feel of the decor. The bloomcore wedding aesthetic transports guests to a whimsical wonderland, where love blooms in abundance and every moment feels enchanted.

Fun and Flirty Spring

As we approach the season of warmth and natural beauty, the spring aesthetic sets the ideal stage for a vibrant and colorful celebration.

Bright and lively hues like pinks, magentas, and sunny yellows reflect the freshness of springtime, as cheerful blossoms of tulips, daisies, and peonies create an unmatchable festive charm. The refreshingly colorful decor contains the perfect touch of timelessness, with this enthusiastic color palette ensuring each photo looks straight out of paradise.

Whether set in a garden, a quaint barn, or a sunlit ballroom, fun and flirty spring wedding decor fills any celebration with love, laughter, and blooming romance.

The wide range of different flower looks and arrangement types make it so florals can suite any aesthetic and are the ideal final touch to any wedding day decor. Didn't find your look here? Check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration or browse our HGS brides page to see how others have decorated their celebration.


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