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Tips on Decorating an Idealistic Spring Wedding

Updated: 15 hours ago

An idealistic spring wedding embodies blooming romance and natural beauty. Picture an idyllic venue decorated with vibrant blossoms in full bloom, coloring the celebration with bright color pops and soft pastel hues, allowing the newly-weds to embrace the season of growth and love. 

Spring undoubtedly provides one of the most beautiful backdrops for an elegant and whimsical wedding day, with floral arrangements being the focal point of this aesthetic.

However, it might be difficult to identify which flowers you’d most want surrounding you on your big day and how to find them, with all the options seeming overwhelming. To help, we’ve compiled this simple guide on the most popular flowers and their properties, as well as floral shops in the Miami and Southern Florida area. 

Most Popular Wedding Arrangement Flowers

1. Peonies

Timeless and forever stylish, these gorgeous blossoms come in a variety of different colors that suit almost any wedding theme. Additionally, their different sizes when at full bloom make them excellent for outfit accessorizing, bouquets, corsages, table arrangements, and more.

Their hardiness makes them perfect for outdoor arrangements on a hot spring day, as they can withstand direct sunlight and higher temperatures better than many other flowers. This is ideal for longer events, as utilizing peonies in your decor will ensure the venue remains beautifully alive throughout the entire day. 

2. Tulips

Known as being one of the indicators that spring is coming, tulips serve as an unmistakable symbol of love and growth.

They’re one of the more inexpensive options for wedding florals, and their unique single stem blooms that stand erect alone make them a popular option for bouquets and vase arrangements.

Available in a variety of colors, their sleek appearance is one that contrasts the delicacy of more intricately petaled flowers.

Additionally, utilizing tulips before they hit full bloom allows for a more rounded floral pattern, acting as an excellent focal flower for bouquets. 

3. Roses

The most universally known representative of romance in florals is roses, which symbolize passion and commitment. Their delicate petals and fragrant scent make them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings, particularly the focal flower for bridal bouquets, floral arches, and table centerpieces. Additionally, the soft oval shape of their individual petals make them a popular choice for aisle markers and more subtle decorations.

While these florals may be more expensive and sensitive to temperature or weather conditions, they can survive up to two weeks if properly cared for. Try to keep these flowers out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, and remove any wilted petals or leaves. With enough attention and care, particularly from professional florists, these flowers can be the perfect accent to a romantic day. 

4. Gypsophila

By far the most common filler flower, gypsophila (more commonly known as baby breath) perfectly compliments almost every other type of flower, no matter which you choose to be the focal point in your arrangements. Growing in small, cloud-like clusters, gypsophila effortlessly adds an airy feel to bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arches. 

Its versatility makes it a favorite among florists, and its symbolization of purity, innocence, and everlasting love ensure its popularity as a choice flower for weddings. Additionally, its ability to maintain its color and shape make it one of the most long-lasting flower types, as they continue to radiate beauty in dried floral arrangements. 

Miami and Southern Florida Floral Shops & Services

1. Bloom and Behold | (954) 698-4442 | Oakland Park, FL

This team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are dedicated to creating the ideal floral vision for your big day is an excellent choice for a once-in-a-lifetime event. They pride themselves with partnering with customers to “capture their vision, reflect their authenticity, and relive their most blissful dreams through expertly curated floral arrangements and designs.”

With prices ranging from $3,500 to $10,500, each package is all-inclusive and tailored to your specific event. Pricing depends on the extravagance of included floral arrangements, which can be minimalistic or dramatic, depending on your preference. For more details on pricing options, click here.

2. EVENT BLISS | (954) 463-9120 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

This company prides themselves on being highly detail-oriented and immersed in the entire wedding planning process. Whether you opt for the day-of, month-of, or full planning package, their team will be fully dedicated to making your big day beautiful and notice details that might otherwise fall through the cracks. 

Ranging from $4,000 to $23,500, this luxury choice is perfect for planning an extravagantly decorated event and covers more than just florals. With their professional staff and connections with surrounding vendors, Event Bliss will ensure you get the most out of your money. Click here for more details on package options and pricing.

3. Weddings & Blooms | (305) 910-8363 | Miami, FL

With similarly involved services as Event Bliss, this company is dedicated to helping design the wedding of your dreams. Packages ranging from day-of, partial, and full planning are also available in addition to pre-priced and standard floral arrangements, leaving plenty of wiggle room for decor budgeting. 

A floral design questionnaire allows them to cater their offer and services to your budget and vision for your big day, allowing for individual considerations for aesthetics and pricing. Easily available to different price levels and wedding sizes, Weddings & Blooms is perfect for both intimate and extravagant events. 

Still looking for more floral inspiration to tie together your perfect spring wedding? Click here for our wedding decor Pinterest board for more colorful ideas.


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