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3 Modern Winter Wedding Nails

Another wedding season has come and gone. As we transition into these wintry months ahead, so do the ever changing nail trends. Find inspiration in these three modern winter nails colors perfect for any wedding occasion.


Old Money French

With the rising popularity in the “old money” aesthetic, one can never go wrong with a simple and classic french manicure. This is a modest and minimal style perfect for the winter seasons.

Milk Bath

A twist on a timeless manicure, the milk bath nail brings a muted white tint to the classic nude nail. This soft white gloss is perfect for the winter season mimicking the frost and snow of the season.


Academia Grey

This muted blue grey nail is a soft and unique shade for the modern bride looking to add a subtle pop of color suitable for the winter season. This shade is flattering on all skin tones and ensures an effortless yet fun look.


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