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4 Must Know Wedding Tips

We chatted with Tamara Antione From Luxe Miami Designs, who shared her 4 Must-Know tips to plan your wedding day.

Now that you're engaged, you're probably getting advice on how to plan your big day. Opinions coming from just about everyone could make things more confusing. Although tips from past brides could come in handy, it’s hard to determine what is or isn’t important. No need, as per usual The Bride Guide has you covered.

We loved chatting with Tamara Antione from Luxe Miami Designs. She is passionate, full of energy, and loves what she does, everything HGS stands for. Tamara shared her top 4 must-know wedding tips with us. Keep scrolling to find out the exclusive four tips that might just help you plan your big day.

1. Trust your team.

After all, you hired your planner so trust them! Know that they have your best interests in mind and want to make your big day the best day. It’s their job to make sure the vendors are high quality and the day goes according to plan. Feel confident knowing your team is rooting for you!

2. Personalize your day.

Here at HGS, we love this tip. Individuality is so important, especially when planning a wedding. This day is for you so don’t be afraid to make it about you. Customize your dress, cake, and entertainment. There really are no rules do what you want! Whether you're going for a sleek look or a more glamorous aesthetic make sure it represents you.

3. Attention to detail.

We know it’s easy to get lost in the planning and forget about the small things, but they matter! Details can really make a difference. We suggest having a “must-have” list. This way you can decide what is essential to you and work from there. This is where you can add your own personal touches. Share these with your planner, get creative and have fun thinking about what's important to you.

4. Budget

We know this tip is less glamorous than the rest but it’s equally as important, if not more! Make sure to discuss what budget is reasonable for you. It's crucial to pick a budget that you're comfortable with. Once you have this, you can work around what you need to have and what things you can leave. Your planner will be able to help you organize your budget in a way that allows you to have the wedding you dream of.

We hope these four tips provided some clarity on your wedding planning journey.

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