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5 Bridal Shower Themes for the Simplistic Bride

Minimalist and sophisticated bridal shower themes for the modern bride.

1. Beach Day Brunch

For the bride with a love for the beach! If you live close enough to a beach plan your bridal shower to take place there! This is not only unique but can be easily decorated after establishing a floral palette, food, and finding a spot or rustic table to eat at!

2. Black Tie and Glamorous

It's always the right time to dress up! If you are the bride looking for an excuse to get extra dressed up and glitzy, host a black tie bridal shower. Encourage your friends to go all out and have an iconic night filled with glam and photos.

3. Tropical and Natural

Take inspiration from the greenery of a tropical destination and incorporate it within bridal shower decorations. Keep the table pieces minimal yet cohesive. Adding in palm tree leaves are a beautiful and with a touch of color to achieve a tropical and effortless look.

4. Monochromatic Theme

Make your bridal shower an event surrounded around the color that makes you happiest! Pick your favorite color and use it as not only the color scheme of the table decor but also require your guests to attend in that color.

5. Elevated Picnic

Ideal for the bride obsessed with the aesthetic of a beautifully crafted charcuterie board! Add in a short table set up in the middle of the blankets with elegant dinnerware and champagne glasses for a sophisticated yet wholesome bridal shower.

We hoped you loved these bridal shower themes! Follow Hanna Gotz Studio on Instagram for more!


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