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5 Modernized Twists To Wedding Traditions

Elevate wedding traditions to fit the more modern bride with these simple alterations.

1. The Wedding Dress

A new trend when it comes to a bride's wedding dress on her big day is not necessarily wearing a dress! A sophisticated and timeless pantsuit or a daring two-piece skirt and top provides the capability for sustainability as well as being different from the typical wedding gown everyone expects.

2. The Ring

A diamond ring used to be the only option when it came to engagement rings. This has evolved into an experience where the groom and bride find a stone or gem that represent something personal to each other.

3. The Bouquet Toss

A seemingly guaranteed aspect of the wedding night is quickly becoming outdated as it can lead to negative feelings from guests who may not be in relationships at the moment. A wedding should feel inclusive and joyful for all and avoiding the bouquet toss may be a way to ensure ultimate satisfaction from guests.

4. The "Getaway Car"

Make a difference from the standard getaway vehicle that looks pretty and opt for a car or vehicle that has more edge, personality, and boldness. Having a unique getaway is more and more sought after within the wedding planning process.

5. The Bridesmaids Dress

The standard of having every bridesmaid be in the exact same shade and style dress alongside the bride is switching up. In recent years it has changed to allow the bridesmaids to choose their own dress as long as it fits along the bride's requests. This allows bridesmaids to wear a dress that is in their own price range and works for their body type.

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