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5 Shots Your Wedding Photographer Needs To Take

Throughout your wedding day, there are so many significant moments and intimate details to be captured by your wedding photographer. This is our guide to the top five shots you cannot forget to photograph on your big day. One of our own Hanna Gotz Studios brides, Maria Fernanda, perfectly captured all of these shots at her Tulum wedding.

Hanna Gotz Studio Bride, Maria Fernanda H.

1. The Aisle

This is where all the magic happens. So much thought is put into the perfect location and framing of where you are your partner officially tying the knot. As shown, make sure that this photograph captures the tropical scenery, warm floral decor, and the organic seating and physical aisle; you do not want to forget a single detail of where it all begins.

Hanna Gotz Studio Bride, Maria Fernanda H.

2. The Bouquet Details

A wedding bouquet reflects so much of a bride’s personal style and personality. A close up shot of this ensures that not a single stem is missed. Each pastel rose, cream clematis and wispy agapanthus are accounted for here, exemplifying this bride’s warm, modern and chic style.

Hanna Gotz Studio Bride, Maria Fernanda H.

3. The Accessories

There is a lot that goes into a bride’s final look all the way from the hair pins to the high heels. It is important to highlight each one of these pieces as they often hold both sentimental value and a piece of a bride’s individuality.

Hanna Gotz Studio Bride, Maria Fernanda H.

4. The Rings

It is essential to document the epitome of matrimonial symbolism; the rings. This beautiful shot not only shows off the timeless elegance of these rings but also uniquely and subtly adds a piece of tropical flair, staying true to the wedding theme.

Hanna Gotz Studio Bride, Maria Fernanda H.

5. The Dress Display

This current trend of photographing your wedding gown on display in front of a window creates a soft and simplistic shot. The natural backlighting effect perfectly showcases the intricate and delicate details of a bride’s gown.

Hanna Gotz Studio Bride, Maria Fernanda H.

Thank you so much for reading! See our Must Have Wedding Shots Tik Tok for additional inspiration.

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