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5 Wedding Cake Ideas For The Modern Bride

Find the perfect cake that not only tastes delicious for your guests but aligns with the wedding aesthetic and showcases your personality as the bride!

The Classic Wedding Cake

This type of look resembles a wedding dress with the intricate detailing and multiple layers to it. In addition, this cake is usually going to be all white with subtle embellishments that tie in every aspect of the wedding day.

Floral Textured Wedding Cake

Utilizes real flowers and presses them onto a matte white cake for a feminine and simple look. The texture added is delicate and not too overdone. Just ensure the flowers used are chemical free!

Sculptural Wedding Cake

This is an eye catching and creative take to a wedding cake. This version of wedding cake is artistic and unique based off of the wedding cake decorator that is chosen to create and bring this vision to life.

Glamorous Wedding Cake

Enjoy a cake that has multiple different tiers to be show stopping and captivating. Adding a bit of gold and a large elaborate base to the cake also makes for a perfect dramatic wedding cake.

Minimalist Wedding Cake

Sometimes less is more when it comes to wedding cakes and maintaining a minimalist look adds an elegant and tasteful vibe to your wedding reception. A perfect way to keep minimalism with a little bit of detail is adding bits of greenery around the first or second tier of this cake style.

Thank you for reading! We hope this gave you wedding cake inspiration you can use for your own special day! Follow Hanna Gotz Studio on Instagram for more!


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