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6 Tips To Give A Memorable and Thoughtful Wedding Toast

Use these tips to find what works for you when giving a toast that captures the attention of the audience, portrays strong emotions about the couple, and is authentic to yourself!

1. Introduce yourself

Don't just get into the speech without giving the audience a little background of not only who you are but how you know and met the lovely bride and groom.

2. Show graciousness towards the hosts

While giving a toast, it is easy to get lost in thought and get carried away and forget to add in a formal and meaningful thank you to everyone who contributed to making this day so special. To combat this, cover the "thank you" aspect to your speech at the start.

3. Focus your speech on one main concept

This helps not to get too off track when giving a speech and it can act as a guide for you when speaking to tie everything back to a certain point. Having a cohesive theme of your wedding toast makes it powerful and organized.

4. Add in memories for easy laughs

A wedding is filled with guests who know and love the newlywed couple so hearing silly stories that may trigger a memory from the audience as well is always a great way to engage and spark interest from the crowd.

5. Voice your best wishes and congratulations to the new married couple

Towards the ending portion of the speech, include a segment where you share your joy and hopefulness for what the long term future holds for the beautiful and in love couple everyone has gathered around to celebrate.

6. Give a final tribute

End your speech by going back to the main theme and idea the toast surrounded to create a full circle moment and tie every memory and point together for a long lasting and impactful toast.

Thank you for reading! We hope this gave inspiration for your next wedding toast! Follow us on Instagram for more wedding related content.


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