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6 Wedding Food and Drink Trends For 2023

The most delicious and aesthetically pleasing food and drinks that will be seen everywhere in 2023.

Vegan Options

With a growing number of people choosing veganism for health or dietary purposes, more and more couples are getting creative and implementing a vegan night filled with so many options to suit every person’s palettes. It’s also cost effective too!

Champagne Towers

Looks beautiful in pictures and makes for a fun atmosphere, champagne towers will be seen more and more throughout weddings in 2023. A timeless addition to wedding memories. Some couples choose to switch out the traditional cutting the cake moment for this!

Appetizer/Charcuterie Inspired Spread

Grazing tables are the perfect way to give your guests a variety of options for them to choose from and eat at their own pace. This form of appetizers also provide the perfect amount of social hour for all guests to get to know each other.

Curated Cocktails

Unique and extravagant cocktails will give your guests an experience they will never forget! Glassware and music also set the ambiance for everyone to enjoy in addition to specialized drinks made from skilled individuals.

Plated Desserts

Don’t forget the importance of a grand finale when it comes to food. The perfect way to continue an elevated meal is with desserts that are show stopping.

Late Night Snack Option

Getting guests iconic and nostalgic fast food on the way home as a send off for celebrating the day with you is a small but meaningful gesture to all attendees. This will be seen all over weddings in 2023!

Thank you all for reading! We hope these 2023 food and beverage trends inspired you a little! Keep up with more from Hanna Gotz Studio content on Instagram!


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