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A Look Into Tiktoker Emily Mariko's Long-Awaited Wedding

The social media influencer tied the knot with longtime partner Matt Rickard on Saturday, July 22nd. Engaged in 2021, Emily has worked hard to keep her following updated throughout the wedding planning process, and the day has finally come when everyone gets to see the outcome!


The Tiktoker, commonly known for her satisfying cooking videos, posted numerous videos updating her social media accounts on the progress of her wedding. Things like securing her marriage license, opening wedding gifts from Dior, getting pre-wedding facials, and more, Mariko has made sure to document.


In the photo above, Emily is dressed for her welcome party in a ruched white mini-dress with flower detailing by designer Magda Butrym. She paired that with a chic slicked-back hairstyle, a small blue bag from Dior, and heels from The Millenial Decorator.

The bride also wore white, wide-leg trousers with a matching suit vest by Mirror Palais for her rehearsal dinner that she paired with a pair of pointed toe-pumps from The Millenial Decorator. Her hair was left down in a tousled '90s blowout that tied everything together.

A TikTok on Emily's page shows her accompanied by her bridal party getting their photos taken at the wedding. Here we can see her custom-made Mirror Palais wedding gown and veil she wore, which looks absolutely stunning. The gown features a structured, square-neck strapless bodice attached to a long, full skirt that drops slightly below the waist. Though the dress is very simple, it portrays Emily's timeless and elegant personal style.

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