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Allyson Shiffman: This Fall’s Ultimate “Cool Bride”

Vogue Scandinavia editor Allyson Shiffman and her now husband Adam Tiedman tied the knot this past week at Van der Nootska Palace in Stockholm, Sweden, making for this seasons’ biggest fashion-forward bridal event. Here are just some of our favorite details from the big day that any “cool bride” can draw inspiration from.

The Gown

Allyson worked alongside London-based Dilara Fındıkoğlu, creating her custom corset gown with black ribbon details. The corset silhouette and adorning bows give a modern, timeless and feminine look for the modern bride. With her tattoos, this creates the perfect combination of hard and soft with a touch of her own individuality.

The Bouquet

This fall, we have seen a great increase in the baby’s breath bouquet trend. Designed by Swedish florist Strauss Blommor, Allyson’s bouquet was tied at the stems with a simple black bow, complementing the bows detailed on her gown, creating an elegant and cohesive accessory.

The Shoes

One of the most iconic details from Allyson’s big day was her choice of shoe. With the intention of not upstaging her gown and “dancing the night away”, the bride opted for white satin Miu Miu ballet flats. These added such a fun, classic and feminine touch to the overall look.

The After-Party

For the after-party look, Allyson turned to another Swedish talent, Mega Mikaela. Her handmade dress was made entirely of washers, creating an innovative chainmail-esque material. The Miu Miu flats were continued to be worn throughout the night to finish off this flirty and sleek ensemble.

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