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Chic & Wintry Bridesmaid Gown Inspiration

With the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of wedding colors and themes. It can be tricky this time of year, when dressing your bridesmaids and picking a color scheme that goes against the basic holiday hues. Here is some bridesmaid gown inspiration for the modern wintry chic wedding, that perfectly complements the season.


A soft gold bridesmaid gown is a sleek and modern choice for your winter wedding. This shade brings a sense of warmth, elegance and subtle shine for your wedding party. Playing with satins and fun necklines creates a look unique for each bridesmaid.


Green is a very popular color for a winter wedding, but rather than opting for the classic hunter greens and jewel tones, we suggest a soft sage. This shade is flattering for all skin tones and complements any greenery used in your floral arrangements.


While typically used for fall weddings, a dark brown gown is a modern and lighter option instead of a basic black or navy blue. This hue also brings an elevated earthy feel to any winter wedding.



Cream and off-white bridesmaids gowns have been a popular trend within the wedding industry this year and there is no better time to incorporate this than for the winter. This modern take maintains a contrast from the bride while adding a warm minimalist feel.


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