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Less Is More: Wedding Decor

Let's be honest, we have all been to an outdated wedding. I’m talking about faux flowers, plastic utensils, balloon arches, the list goes on and on. The plus side to attending an over-the-top wedding is a list of what-not-to-dos. But when it comes time to plan your own wedding there is so much to consider, it's overwhelming. While a list of don’ts is certainly useful, a list of do’s will ensure your wedding day is picture-perfect (or at least close).

We have good news for you, the key to a modern chic wedding is minimalism. The more decor there is the more overdone it looks! Trust us when we tell you less is more when decorating for your wedding. We want your big day to be as elegant and sophisticated as you. So we have created the ultimate “to-do” list for wedding decorations. Now take a deep breath, you're in good hands. Below are our 4 tips to help you feel confident that your wedding will be everything and more.

1. Stick To Neutrals

Using a neutral earth-toned color palette will help create a cohesive aesthetic for your wedding. Natural colors will establish a fresh, clean, and timeless look for your guest. This will allow you to focus on more important elements of your wedding. Choose different hues of cream, beige, taupe, tan, and green to create a romantic, sleek ceremony. Using this tip can also help you add in your personal touches.

2. Utilize Lighting

Although lighting isn’t always our first thought when we think of decor, it’s so underrated! The lighting can make or break the atmosphere of your event. There are various ways to incorporate beautiful lights into your venue. We suggest draping string lights above tables and adding candles on top of tables. You can also have fun using different twinkle lights, lanterns, and candlesticks to design a dreamy ambiance.

3. Use Greenery

Of course, flowers are essential when decorating for a wedding, so we suggest investing in classy floral designs and patterns. Having fresh, real flowers will elevate your ceremony and overall experience. While flowers are critical, keep in mind any greenery can make your ceremony a tropical oasis. Try using eucalyptus garlands as table runners or foliage bouquets

4. Simplify Tables

One of the biggest mistakes people make is overdoing table centerpieces. Like we said less is more, there is no need to overcrowd your tables. Your guest will thank you for allowing more room to eat and socialize. With a more simplistic table setting, you and your guest can feel calm and at ease with less clutter.


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