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GRWM: 4 Getting Ready Tips For Your Big Day

The morning of your wedding should be a blissful and memorable time but can rather be stressful and hectic. There are some simple solutions to avoiding and combatting this possibility. Here are just four of these tips to take into your day.


1. Have A Timeline

Depending on when you are planning on walking down the aisle, an early wake up may be crucial. We recommend starting at the time that you plan on arriving at your venue, and work backwards from there to find the perfect time to get the ball rolling.


2. Hang Up Your Gown

The moment you wake up on your wedding day, hang up both your gown and veil in a high and safe spot. This technique allows the gown some time to breathe, helps you better see the areas in need of steaming and is a chic and modern photo moment, showcasing the beautiful details of your gown.


3. Don't Over Schedule

We recommend taking care of minor details days before your wedding rather than trying to cram it all in at once. These little details may include manicures, haircuts or tanning. Plan ahead to ensure an exciting and blissful morning.


4. Be Present

The morning of your wedding is such a momentous occasion and can at times be very overwhelming, but we believe in the importance of taking the time to be present. This is such a tender and special moment for you - soak it in.


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