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Guide to Modern & Unconventional Wedding Party Looks

Here are some ideas for the wedded-to-be with nontraditional wedding parties looking for outfit inspiration to honor their friends and family on their special day.


With more and more couples having mixed-gender bridal parties, respecting individuals’ gender identities should be a priority. Not everybody likes being restricted to wearing a dress they do not feel comfortable in. With suits being more androgynous, they are a great choice and can be styled customarily for each wearer.

Another nontraditional aspect of this wedding party is the fact that they are all wearing white. Wedding parties dressed in white have become more of a trend this year, challenging the tradition that white is reserved only for the bride to wear.

Flattering Silhouettes

One size unfortunately does not fit all, so catering to your bridal party’s different body shapes can make for an assembly of one-of-a-kind styles that flatter your friends.

Consider giving your bridal party the option to choose what they wear (within reason) on your wedding day, and you can guarantee everyone looks and feels great.


Opt for jumpsuits when dressing your bridal party for a look that stands out. They can be just as elegant as a traditional floor-length bridesmaid dress, and make a chic fashion statement at the same time.

Rachel Pearlman Photo

Use a Unifying Element

If you are going for more of a mismatched wedding party look, it could be special to have everyone don a similar accessory. The mainstream tradition is to have bridesmaids carrying bouquets, but there are so many other options too. Holding parasols, wearing flower crowns, carrying greenery instead of flowers, or going down the aisle holding nothing at all are some ideas. You can get super creative with this, and anything you choose will definitely add a modern twist to the traditional wedding.

Prioritize Prints & Patterns

Choosing to dress your wedding party in a matching solid color has been the most common choice in weddings, up until now. To make your wedding more personal and unique, select patterned garments for your wedding party. Look for patterned suits, jumpsuits, dresses, and skirts, you name it. When combined tastefully, it results in an effortless style.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you were inspired by these wedding party looks! For more content like this, follow Hanna Gotz Studio on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok.


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